Branded by Love… 
I am acquainted with how it feels to be branded by love  
It’s hilarious it’s comparable to that I sought to protect you  
The way you spoke about me  
You loathed me  
Nonetheless, I desired nothing further but to unshackle that anger  
I am familiar with what it feels like to gait from place to place with fury  

My conclusion and what transformed the start 
I don’t fault you for the way you are  
I galloped on his Fury  
I couldn’t cultivate you and your blazes plague-ridden me  
Similar to bloodsuckers your being streams through me exhausting me  
This is the blaze of an existent monster  
It’s practically an adequate amount to drive me senseless  
I keep getting scorched but the spark only pains enhanced each interval I touch it 
This blaze was actual  
It was cold-blooded  
More controlling than mine  
His revulsion is so considerable heavy-duty than mine  
And I continue to be branded by love..