Dee Tells

I never knew life would be so bad as his wife…
No matter what I do for him it’s not
He’s always rough,with his words,and
actions,in the end there’s not
I’m always crying not knowing what
will happen next,he keeps me
I feel used,and abused…
I am always called the bad one,I
always wonder when this is going to
be done…
I pray to God for an answer from
above,because I need some love…
I tell him all my problems,and only
him,because there are no them…
I have no other friend,he got rid of
Yes he has family and friends,but he says mines are all dead ends…
Oh Lord I pray to you now,please
send me an answer how?

7 Responses to Home

  1. William Baldon says:

    I’m glad you invited me to this site br blessed GodDaughter

  2. Evang Lottie White says:

    I love the poem. I think that it will help someone in that area of there life. They will have a out. If they take it into consideration. Love u

  3. clacy watkins says:


  4. Fee Dixon says:

    I don’t know what to say but I love you cuz.

  5. Chay says:

    This is really deep. Kinda makes me upset for the fool who messed up with you! Lol

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