Life As It is…

The desiccated, unforgiving midair appeared to relax as I strolled nearer and nearer the ending of my existence.

Everything all over the place appeared to dissolve and diminish away as it drew nearby.

The woman in question dress in a purple top and black skirt.

The elegance in my drive and the carefulness that I showed off so naturally as an expression rather than distinctive was like a blow to the inside.

I have had no air to exhale ever since, because he whacked it out of me persistently.

I stopped heart-rending and existing all together in one lasting torn asunder moment. I looked away and I wept out abruptly in my thoughts as if my senses where dwindling absent from me. He had shredded my depth from my awakening thoughts.

My thoughts began to haze with gloomy and despairing feelings as though I had no sunlit.

I glided amongst my daydreams and contemplations, encompassing my thoughts like a glimmer with unnecessary admittance to the junctions of my thoughts.

Then I awake hopelessly thinking he sees me, simply to plunge terribly near to the ground, knowing that it wasn’t nonexistent.

Is this what my life has become?