With fulcrums tarnished it fluctuates vulnerable

The entrance squawked and wailed from years of lack of care
Illuminating surrounded by the meadows and woodlands
The meadows smelled with the decomposing of kindling, of existence
The woodlands garnish with a bizarre lure
Summoning you to them.
With a kinked extremity of troubled foregone conclusion.
In the middle of the carcasses,
Your senses clasps what you hail from
The towering lifeless pasture, delicate to the touch,
Moves to the other side to let you pass
Finally, you have got hold of the embankment of splintered terrain
That contained your paragon.
Cautiously ever so prudently your hand inclined
Finally, you mislay what bantam tolerance you had left, keen to picket your entitlement
Wearing the aberrant smirk like a disguise that is currently a chunk of you
The matching smirk that the entrances unfastened for
Using fingers clamp together compactly in a wad
From one place to another the ideal twig vivacious with existence, you heaved.
You heaved on that desolate obsession nonetheless it would not dislodge
No aggregate of swearing or corporeal force
Could eradicate this unique splendor
From the uninhabited meadow of degeneration.
The bud could not be ruffled, pulled up, twig troubled, existence demolished
Nonetheless, you longed to pull on
Your subliminal encryption was overtaken by viciousness.                                
A blameless youth evolved into a mammoth.
By the time you understand your blunder it was too late
The matching racket that welcomed your entrance has also padlocked your destiny
It was the wailing of a glutton at carnage
It was the entrance
The entrance on or after which you originated,
Heading back to the existence you left in arrears
The entrance climaxes, by no means to be revived
Now recognizing what is to derived of your deceived existence
Fingers to the dreary the heavens
One final interval in a still gesture
By means of the desiccated lifeless air pilfering the existence from inside you, you buckled
You finally arrived in your correct dwelling
In the midst of the carcasses