I am a hiker and your love is my Tibet and Nepal.
My feelings are blizzards and you are my rescuer.
What will you offer me, a cable to descent down upon, or a chalet to sojourn and be warm?
Or as harsh as its timbres, offer me zilch, look after the ever weakening heat of my ripped discolored sheathing.
Nowhere to be found, unseeing, but in control, I take the weight off these frostbitten feet to summon up my contemplations but mislay my emotion.
I’m subsiding shorn of feeling, floating in this blizzard, rescue me at this moment or I might not ever see.
Imagining at this moment, I sense your affection, I’m not definite I need to awaken.
It’s inescapable, I sense the icy breeze, I need to keep moving to remain thriving, and it’s all I see in what way travel.
I’m not definite where I’m traveling, I’m still misplaced, wandering in this blizzard.
I wish I did, nonetheless you, you are merely the one, you see.
Am I to summit, to grasp the splendors of your love at the uttermost, or am I to hike down, to let you exist.
I’ll be okay whichever way, but I cannot bear this blizzard, not one added day.
Offer me a cable or give me chalet, it matters not, I’ll yield the courtesy, I won’t let you falling-off.
I’ll be your rescuer if you’ll be mine, yield whatever you can of me while I’m here, whether or not I’m on uppermost of your domainor in the lowermost of its inmost abyss, I’ll lead you, however, I can, before I let go of you permanently.